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  本文摘要:今天跟大家分享19年全国各地中考满分英语作文,喜欢的可以收藏。江西省本卷完形填空A)文章讨论了许多年轻人很在意自己外貌的问题,文章的最后指出:“We need to judge people by what they do, not what they look like.”你同意文章最后提出的看法吗?对此看法你有何看法?请凭据下面提示写一篇英语漫笔谈谈你的看法,论述理由,并举例说明。


今天跟大家分享19年全国各地中考满分英语作文,喜欢的可以收藏。江西省本卷完形填空A)文章讨论了许多年轻人很在意自己外貌的问题,文章的最后指出:“We need to judge people by what they do, not what they look like.”你同意文章最后提出的看法吗?对此看法你有何看法?请凭据下面提示写一篇英语漫笔谈谈你的看法,论述理由,并举例说明。写作要点:1. Your opinion(agree/ disagree /…); 2. Reasons(looks, personality 品性, ability …); 3. An example(yourself/ a person around you/ a famous person/…). 要求:1.漫笔应包罗提示中所有的写作要点,条理清楚,行文连贯,可适当发挥;2.如举自己或身边的人作为例子,不能泛起真实的人名和地名;3.词数不少于80。满分作文1 I agree with the opinion. Compared with looks, personality and ability are more important. Because we can’t change our looks easily, but we can decide and control what we do. Thanks to the kind and hard-working people, our society is becoming better and better. For example, Ma Yun, a well-known businessman, doesn't look handsome, but he created Alibaba which has changed our lifestyle and made our life more convenient. He has been doing so much for our society that we all admire him. Because of his contribution to our society, we even think he looks so cool. So let's try our best to do more useful things for our society and pay less attention to our looks. 满分作文2In my opinion, I think we need to judge people by both what they do and what they look like. A person's personality and ability are very important, but for some jobs, looks are also important, such as an actor or an actress, a waiter or a waitress, or even a teacher .Because it's enjoyable to see a good-looking person.For example, my teachers in my class all teach very well, and they are kind and helpful. All of us like them. But the most popular teacher is my English teacher, because she looks really beautiful. She dresses herself up every day and always has a smile on her face.So let's try our best to improve our ability, personality and looks. 广东省如果你是李华,英国某中学与你所在的学校是姐妹学校。


(包罗运动的时间、所在和内容)参考运动:浏览粤剧(Cantonese opera),体验功夫(kung fu), 到场广东历史讲座等。作文要求:不能照抄原文;不得在作文中泛起学校真实的名称和学生的真实姓名;语句连贯,词数80个左右。作文的开头和末端已经给出,不计入总词数,也不必誊录在答题卡上。

Good evening, everyone. I am Li Hua, chairman of the Students Union. I am very pleased to welcome you to the party. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!满分作文Good evening,everyone. I am Li Hua, chairman of the Students Union. I am very pleased to welcome you to the party. In Guangdong, you can enjoy many traditional foods. Such as shrimp dumplings, beef or fish balls, chicken feet and so on. Especially fish balls and chicken feet are really very delicious. I think you will love them. Tomorrow, in the morning, we’ll go to the biggest theatre in Guangzhou. You are going to enjoy Cantonese opera there. We will go to Zhongshan Park in the afternoon. You can experience Chinese kung fu there. It is amazing. We will attend a lecture on history of Guangdong in the evening.I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!河北省文明礼貌从我做起,从现在开始,从点滴小事做起。请凭据下面的提示和要求,以 “When to Say Thank You”为题,写一篇漫笔。提示:1) When should we say "thank you" at home?2) When are we supposed to say "thank you" at school?3) ...要求:1) 漫笔须包罗提示中的两个要点和一个增补要点,可适当发挥。

2) 漫笔中不要泛起真实的地名、校名和人名。3) 词数80个左右。(开头已给出,不计入总词数)参考词汇:wash, encourage, open When to Say Thank You It's polite to say "thank you" when others help us or say something kind to us. 满分作文When to Say Thank YouIt's polite to say "thank you" when others help us or say something kind to us. Being polite is a good tradition in our country.Nobody likes a person who is impolite. It's important for us to be polite. We should say "thank you" to parents when they cook for us. We should say "thank you" when they wash clothes for us. We should also be polite at school. When the teachers help us work out questions ,we should say "thank you" to them. When we get bad grades and the teachers and classmates encourage us, we should say "thank you". When someone opens the door for us,we should say "thank you". We should say "thank you" as often as possible.If everyone is polite to others,the world will be more and more beautiful.福建省假定你是李华,收到英国笔友Harry的邮件,获悉他在机械人制作角逐中获奖。

请凭据邮件内容给他回复。词数80左右。参考词汇:congratulation 祝贺注意事项:1.回复邮件时可适当发挥,邮件花样已给出,不计入总词数;2.意思清楚,表达通顺,行文连贯,书写规范;3.请勿在文中使用真实的姓名、校名及地名。

Dear Harry, YoursLi Hua满分作文Dear Harry,Congratulations! How glad I am to share your good news!I think robots are helpful in many ways. And in the future they'll play more important roles in our daily life. Plus, I'm dying to have a robot of my own. I can have it take care of my grandparents when we are not at home. You see, my grandparents are old and cannot move easily. It can help them do some housework such as cooking, cleaning the house and so on.Hoping you'll make greater progress.Yours Li Hua山西省阅读是同学们未来到场社会应具备的关键能力,无论你喜欢哪种阅读方式,它都能让你增长知识,开阔眼界。最近,某出书社在两万人中,针对人们喜欢的阅读方式做了一项观察,下图是相关的统计效果,其中包罗电子阅读和纸质阅读的人数。请你用两段话写一篇漫笔,第一段用百分比简要说明图表内容,第二段从图表中选出一项你喜欢的阅读方式,联合自己的履历,谈谈这种阅读方式的利益。

要求:1. 词数不少于80词;2. 首句已给出,不计入总词数。参考词汇仅供参考;3. 文中不得泛起真实的人名、校名。WORD BANKreading on mobile phones, others, reading paper books 满分作文Recently, a survey was done among 20,000 people about the ways of reading.Here is what we have learned from it. 60% of the people like to read on mobile phones or e-readers, while only 38.4% choose to read paper books. So we can know that more and more people prefer to read e-books rather than paper books. However, whatever way of reading we choose, it can help increase our knowledge and open our eyes.As for me, I am still used to reading paper books. Whenever I open a paper book, the smell of paper reminds me of the stories in the books from my mom when I was a little kid. Just because of this, I got into the habit of reading. So when I read paper books now, they always bring me the old feelings. On the other hand, compared with the electronic devices, reading paper books is good for eyes. So you see, I believe e-books won't take the place of paper books in my heart.河南省如果你有时机和任何一个名人共进午餐。


满分作文I'd like to have lunch with Ren Zhengfei, the founder of the well-known Chinese tech company Huawei.Mr. Ren is considered as a great man who always has everything mapped out ahead. And under his leadership, Huawei has become a high-tech giant worldwide. Over the lunch, I will listen to his success story. Then I will ask him what is important to make it happen. If time permits, I'll ask for his advice for us teenagers today.I'm expecting this lunch already.北京市从下面两个题目中任选一题,凭据中文和英文提示,完成一篇不少于50词的文段写作。文中已给出内容不计入总词数。


请用英语回复一封邮件,告诉他海报上交的时间,并分享你设计海报的一些想法。提示词语:design,safety rule,careful,protect,picture提示问题:When should you hand in the poster?What would you like to share with Peter about designing the poster?Dear Peter,I'm glad to receive your email. If there is anything more that I can help with, please let me know.YoursLi Hua满分作文Dear Peter,I'm glad to receive your email. As it is required,you are supposed to hand in the poster before next Friday.Being your close friend,I am extremely willing to share some ideas about designing the poster with you.First and foremost,the basic safety rules are of great importance,which should be included in your poster.In the second place,following the safety rules is so meaningful and crucial that you had better remind your readers of its significance and advise them to be careful both in and out of school.Last but by no means least,if I were you,I would add a few suggestions about safety awareness,considering that better safe than sorry.In addition,it is a good idea for you to draw a few pictures on your poster so as to make it more lively and acceptable.If there is anything more that I can help with, please let me know.YoursLi Hua题目②:自律,即自我约束,是自我提升的一种途径,有助于我们发展,促使我们不停前行。


提示词语:self-disciplined(自律的),plan,goal,habit,improve提示问题:What did you do to be self-disciplined?What benefits have you got from doing so?Self-discipline plays an important role in our life .满分作文Self-discipline plays an important role in our life. To be honest, I am a person who is self-disciplined. I used to follow all kinds of rules and hand in the tasks appointed on time at school. And I could not only respected all my teachers but also get on well with my classmates. At home, I was able to balance housework and homework. I usually made a plan in advance to make it easier to achieve my goal. After finishing all the task, I developed the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. In the society, I spared no effort to improve myself all the time.In a word. I have benefited a lot from being self-discipline. First of all, I have had many good habits, which makes my life easier and more regular. Secondly, my life and my study have been to high efficiency so that a lot of time has been saved. Thirdly, being self-disciplined has prepared me for a better and brighter future. In the future, I will continue to be a self-disciplined person.天津市如果你是晨光中学的学生李华,平时坚持用英语写日记。请凭据以下要点,形貌你星期三放学乘地铁回家路上看到的事情,并表达自己的想法。

(l)一个男孩不舒服,开始吐逆,一位穿着漂亮的女士帮着擦拭地面,男孩表达谢谢。(2)地铁到站,有人挤向座位,有人下不去车,有人因此争吵。(3)你认为…...参考词汇:开始吐逆 begin to vomit挤向座位 push towards the seat争吵 have a quarrel要求:(1)词数:80-100个。(2)日记花样和开头已给出,不计入总词数(3)要点齐全,行文连贯,可适当发挥WednesdayWhen I took the underground back home from school, I noticed 满分作文WednesdayWhen I took the underground back home from school, I noticed two things around me.The first thing I met is about a boy The boy didn't feel well. He began to vomit. A beautiful girl saw the boy. She helped him clean the floor. Then the boy thanked her for helping. The second thing is about the underground. When the underground got to the station, a lot of people pushed towards the seat. So some people couldn't get off the underground. Some had a quarrel because of this.In my opinion, The girl did a good thing and we appreciated her action in this society. As for the underground. It shows your quality there. If you wait in a line, others will get off the underground easily. If all of us can do in this way, our world will be more beautiful.广州市广州某电台英文频道将开设 Welcome to Guangzhou 栏目,现在面向全市中学生征集“微州”英文先容。


Anyone coming to Guangzhou is sure to have a good time.Guangzhou is waiting for you.满分作文1Anyone coming to Guangzhou is sure to have a good time.Guangzhou lies in the south of China. It is a beautiful city with a history of more than 2,000 years.The weather here is quite mild. The wind blows gently in spring and it often rains. In summer, it is hot and many people would like to go swimming. In autumn, the air is cool and dry. In winter, it is cold, but it seldom snows.Guangzhou is known as the Flower City because there are flowers all the year round. Visitors can enjoy themselves here. Also, Guangzhou is famous for its delicious food.If you come to Guangzhou. I advise you to go to the Canton Tower. From there, you can view the whole city of Guangzhou.Guangzhou is waiting for you.满分作文2Anyone coming to Guangzhou is sure to have a good time.Guangzhou situated in the southern part of China, is a beautiful city with a history of more than 2,000 years.The weather here is quite mild. It often rains in spring with gentle wind. In summer, it is so hot that a number of people prefer to go swimming. When it comes to autumn, the weather is pleasant with cool and dry air. In winter, it is cold, but it seldom snows.Known as the Flower City, Guangzhou is a famous scenic spot with flowers seen all the year round. In the meantime, Guangzhou is famous for its delicious food, like dim sum. You can’t miss it.If you come to Guangzhou. I strongly recommend the Canton Tower, the landmark of Guangzhou. You can get a bird's eye view of Guangzhou. 成都市如果你叫Ann,你的中国朋侪小华发来email请教如何使用词典学习英语。请参考截图及注释,凭据提示回一封email。要点如下:1. 凭据示例,归纳综合先容词条组成;2. 如何用词典解决词汇学习中的问题(至少两点);3. 先容词典对英语学习的利益(至少两点)。

( taken from an English- Chinese dictionary )注意:1.截图内容仅供参考,可以引用,不能照抄;2. 文中不能泛起真实学校和姓名;3. 词数:100左右。满分作文Dear Xiaohua,Glad to receive your letter. You asked me how to use a dictionary to learn English. Here are some of my thoughts.Words in a dictionary are called entries. Each entry has five sections, such as pronunciation, part of speech, definition, usage and word group. Of course, sometimes the same word has different parts of speech and definitions.Using dictionaries can solve problems in vocabulary learning. When we meet a new word, with the help of a dictionary, we can not only find out its pronunciation, but also know its meaning. A dictionary is of great benefit to English learning. First of all, it can help us understand the meaning of words accurately. Secondly, it can enrich our knowledge and exercise our thinking. Finally, it can help us learn to express our ideas.I hope it's helpful to you.YoursAnn南京市如果你是李华,在网上看到英国B公司为正在开发的一款提高英语写作能力的应用软件(app)征集网友建议。请凭据网上的征集信息,用英语给该公司写一封电子邮件。IDEAS NEEDEDBritech is now designing an app that helps learners with their English writing. The app is to help learners explore ideas, organize them and write them down. Your ideas are needed! Here' s what to do:Write to share your ideas! Feel free to be creative!Please let us know:● What's the name of the app?● What problem does the app solve?● What does the app do? Contact us at appdesign@Britech.com.注意:1.内容涵盖所有要点,可适当发挥。

2.词数80左右(已给出的文章开头,不计入总词数)。3.文中不得提及有关考生小我私家身份的任何信息,如校名、人名等。Dear Sir or Madam,Thanks for designing an app for English writing. YoursLi Hua满分作文Dear Sir or Madam,Thanks for designing an APP for English writing. I'd like to share my ideas here. Could its name be "write made easy"?Many of us have difficulty in writing. We don't know how to organize ideas, use proper words, and so on. I hope it can solve these problems. Here is my advice on what the APP does. First, it should provide some reading materials. The more we read, the better we write. Second, The APP should have an online course so that we can develop our writing skills. Third, there should be an e-teacher who can correct mistakes and offer suggestions. I hope my advice is worth taking.YoursLi Hua长沙市如果你是李华,你们班输了上周的篮球赛。



Dear Henry,I learned that you are feeling sorry and upset because of losing the basketball game. 满分作文 Dear Henry,I learned that you are feeling sorry and upset because of losing the basketball game. It's not easy being in your situation, and it's normal to have these feelings. Anyway, don't be too hard on yourself.You know, basketball is about team effort. It's never just one person's fault. What matters is that you should learn from the games as well as your mistakes. Besides, you need to think about how you can do better next time.As a whole, teammates should support and believe in each other. Why don't you sit down and communicate with them? And you could promise that you will spare no efforts to better your skills. If all of you pull together, you're sure to win the next one.Best wishes!YoursLi Hua安顺市请你联合以下提示,以“How Can We Protect Ourselves at School? ”为题,写一篇80-100词的英语漫笔。文中不得泛起真实校名和人名。


3.面临校园欺凌怎样自我掩护。参考词汇:1.self-protection(自我掩护)2.bully(n./v.欺凌)3.personal safety(人身宁静)4.have violent behaviors(打架斗殴)How Can We Protect Ourselves at School?满分作文How Can We Protect Ourselves at School?School bullies happen in almost every school. In my school we sometimes have bullies and some students are hurt, so it is really bad for us to bully others or be bullied at school.We are supposed to stop any school bully when we are in the trouble of it. For example, we should stay calm before a bullying behavior happens. We should always be friendly and helpful when making friends with others. Here are some of my ideas about stopping school bullies. Firstly, we will learn how to have a self-protection because our personal safety is the most important. Secondly, we should be peaceful with others at all times and can't have any violent behavior. Finally, obeying school rules is also a way to avoid school bullies.I'm hoping that no school bullies will happen at school in the future ,do you think so?武汉市学校英语社团正在组织题为“My Family”的征文运动。如果你是李明,请凭据以下内容提示用英语完成征文。内容要点如下:1.三口之家,家庭幸福,邻里和气;2.怙恃为教师,在校深受接待;3 分管家务,周末户外运动;4.相互陪同,经常交流,良好家规助我发展;5.请增补说明一至两点与家庭相关的情况。

注意:1.文中不得透露小我私家姓名和学校名称;2.词数:60 - 80;3.内容连贯,不要逐条翻译;4.标题和开头已给出,不计入总词数。参考词汇:popular adj.受接待的 activity n.运动rule n.规则 My FamilyI'm Li Ming. 满分作文My FamilyI'm Li Ming. I have a happy family. There are three people in it. They are my father, my mother and me. My parents are teachers, and they are popular among students. We get along well with our neighbors. At home, I try my best to do some housework. On weekends, we often go out for outdoor activities. We accompany each other and communicate with each other. Good family rules help me grow up. I study hard, and all the teachers and classmates like me. My home is a warm place.重庆A卷你正在组织一项暑假期间到山区为期一周的游学和帮扶运动。作为提倡人,请你写一篇讲话稿,在你校“英语时光”广播中招呼更多的同学到场。


参考信息:1. 运动缘由(孤苦、帮扶、游学……)2. 运动构想(时间、所在、内容……)3. ……Hello, everybody. I am planning a summer trip called "Be a Kid in the Mountain". Thank you!满分作文Hello, everybody. I am planning a summer trip called "Be a Kid in the Mountains". It will provide us with a meaningful week staying with the students in the mountains.As many of their parents leave for the city development, these students might feel lonely and some may even find it hard to go on studying. So we can bring them some school things like books and pens for their study, and prepare some interesting stories to share. In the daytime, we can go hiking and do some teamwork. In the evening, we can do such activities as popular games and group dance around the fire.Isn't that exciting? Come and join us. Lets be "a kid in the mountains". I believe it will bring sunshine to the mountains as well as more confidence to us. Thank you!好了,今天的分享就到这里了,后面我会继续分享更多的学科知识,接待关注收藏。



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